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Getting To New Heights: The Crucial STEPS Beyond the LOS

Beyond the thrill of getting that coveted letter of support from #DesignatedOrganizations, there’s a whole galaxy of STEPS awaiting you.

Let me share some insights on what lies ahead!

The journey of immigrant entrepreneurs extends beyond securing the letter of support from Designated Organizations, and we are here to support YOUR successful startup establishment and growth in Canada, ensuring they meet your business plan milestones —a focal point for immigration officers.
KAMADA Startup Solutions Inc., we recognize the significance of assisting immigrant entrepreneurs in getting the permanent residency (PR) and achieving their goals and milestones outlined in their business plans. Our dedicated team of experts is experienced in supporting entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey and enabling them to establish and grow thriving businesses in Canada.

Here’s how we can help you:

Founded as Clearbanc, it provides non-dilutive funding for e-commerce companies. It offers performance financing and cash advances to businesses. It was founded by entrepreneurs who understood the challenges faced by modern businesses.

We offer comprehensive support in establishing startups in Canada. Our services cover legal and administrative aspects such as #business registration, licensing, permits, and incorporation. By assisting with these crucial steps, we streamline the process for immigrant entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

We understand that reaching milestones outlined in the business plan is vital to the success of immigrant entrepreneurs under the Canada Startup Visa program. Our team specializes in developing tailored growth strategies that align with their unique business goals. Through market research , competitor analysis, and industry analysis and insights , we help clients identify expansion opportunities and maximize their chances of achieving their milestones.

We provide continuous support to immigrant entrepreneurs beyond the initial establishment phase. Our services include accounting and book keeping, tax compliance, and regulatory compliance. By ensuring compliance with Canadian business regulations, we help clients maintain their focus on business growth while meeting the requirements set by immigration officers.

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