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Most fast-growing startups in Canada in 2022

In Canada, the startup ecosystem has been thriving, with various sectors such as technology, clean tech, health tech, and e-commerce seeing significant growth. Business accelerators play a crucial role in the development of startups by providing mentorship, resources, and funding opportunities to help them scale quickly.


As the last update in April 2023, some of the fastest-growing startups in Canada that were also associated with accelerators might have included:

An online platform that assists international students with their applications to study abroad, predominantly in North America. They were involved with several accelerators and funding rounds.

Founded as Clearbanc, it provides non-dilutive funding for e-commerce companies. It offers performance financing and cash advances to businesses. It was founded by entrepreneurs who understood the challenges faced by modern businesses.

A decentralized network that connects blockchain ecosystems, applications, and users. It raised significant funding and could participate in acceleration programs tailored for blockchain ventures.

A fintech company offering a modern take on traditional banking services, including credit cards and savings accounts. They had rapid growth and likely engaged with various startup support programs.

Originally from San Francisco, Brex expanded into the Canadian market with its financial services for businesses. They offer company credit cards, cash management accounts, and spend management software, and are known to engage with accelerator programs in various regions.

A telehealth platform providing virtual healthcare services. They’ve experienced growth as the demand for remote health services expanded and participated in incubator or accelerator programs.

A provider of digital therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, which expanded its services significantly and may have been involved in accelerator programs for health technology.

A mobile commerce company that leverages messaging and AI to personalize user shopping experiences. It secured considerable investment to fund its growth.

The above companies might have participated in well-known Canadian accelerators such as the Creative Destruction Lab, NEXT Canada, or the DMZ based out of Ryerson University in Toronto. These accelerators are known for their comprehensive programs that support startups from the seed stage through scaling their operations.

Since the startup landscape changes rapidly, newer companies may have emerged, and growth metrics can evolve quickly. For the most updated information, you should consult recent startup reports or databases, as well as the latest news from Canadian business news sources and accelerators’ announcements.

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