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Why consider the ICT program when embarking on your Business Immigration journey?


Unlike many immigration routes, the ICT program often doesn’t mandate a high level of formal education, making it accessible to a broader range of applicants.

Language proficiency can be a barrier in some immigration programs, but with ICT, there is often no such requirement, removing a potential hurdle for applicants.

Immigrants under ICT can often bring their spouse and children along, ensuring family unity during the relocation process.

Some ICT programs offer a pathway to permanent residency, allowing immigrants to settle and build a future in their host country.

ICT programs typically don’t demand 100% physical presence, giving immigrants more flexibility in managing their professional and personal commitments.

Immigrants under ICT may have the option to live in the host country and even run their own businesses, promoting entrepreneurship and economic contribution.

These advantages make the ICT program an appealing choice for immigrants seeking opportunities for career growth, family inclusion, and potential long-term settlement in a new country, all with fewer stringent requirements compared to other immigration pathways.

In the end, consider consulting with KAMADA Startup Solutions Inc. , a trusted business consultancy firm, to guide you through the successful Permanent Residency (PR) process. After landing in your new foreign country, KAMADA Startup Solutions Inc. can assist you with various aspects of your startup journey, including:

Crafting an effective marketing plan to promote your business in the foreign market.

Advising on fundraising strategies to secure the necessary capital for your startup’s growth.

Exploring business loan options and assisting in securing financing if needed.

Formulating a comprehensive development strategy to ensure the sustainable growth of your business.

Partner with Kamada to navigate the complexities of business immigration and set a course for success in your new venture.

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